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        Marine low temperature valve will become a big market of low temperature valve manufacturers in the
        Marine low temperature valve will become a big market of low temperature valve manufacturers in the future

        With the booming development of LNG industry, the LNG ship market is booming. As one of the main equipment of LNG ship valve, the low-temperature valve will be strengthened with the LNG ship market.

        Recently, the first meeting of ISO/TC8/SC3/WG14 Working Group on International Standards for Marine Cryogenic Valves (ISO/TC8/SC3/WG14) was held in Shanghai. The meeting sorted out the opinions of various countries on ISO18139 "Ships and offshore technology - ultra low temperature cut-off valve - Design and Test requirements" and ISO 18154 "Ships and offshore technology - Safety valve for LNG cargo tank - Design and test requirements" draft, according to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Germany four countries put forward technical opinions were discussed article by article, The revised working group draft of international standards has been formed. According to the meeting, China shall undertake the development of two international standards in this series of standards, namely ISO 18139-4 "Marine Cryogenic valves - Design and Test Requirements - butterfly valve" and ISO 18139-5 "Marine Cryogenic valves - Design and Test Requirements - Ball valves". It plans to submit a new working project proposal (NP draft) on international standards in October this year.

        The international standard of Marine cryogenic valve will put forward new requirements to the manufacturers of Marine cryogenic valve to standardize the market of Marine cryogenic valve.
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